Sunday, July 30, 2017

End Of The Summer!

This time of year, it's all about heading back to school with your new backpack, colored folders, organizers, and planners. I always loved the beginning of a new school year and selecting a new lunch box! The start of a new school year can be a time of sadness and anxiety, however, for your dogs who have enjoyed the chaos (and extra treats) of having those kids home for two months. It's become kind of a tradition that I teach two classes for AdobeDogs Dog Training as the kids head back to school.

The first, is a Kids & Dogs class where only kids are allowed to attend, no grownups. Kids come with their dogs and we play games, teach the dogs tricks, and generally have a great time laughing and playing together. Everyone gets to show off at the last class where the whole family is invited to attend and watch our shenanigans.

The second, is Save Your Pup From the "Summer's Over Blues!" This is a two week, seminar-style class where I address how to get your dog or puppy back on track after a summer spent with everyone home. We address barking and boredom and how to determine if your pet just has separation distress, or if you are dealing with a dog who has separation anxiety.

If either (or both!) of these classes sound like something you or your kids would enjoy, please visit to sign up. I would love to see you there!